About Us

Night Terrors Haunted Woods Walk is a professional, community Halloween attraction operating in partnership with Take Flight Aerial Adventure Park on Route 1 in Kittery. Night Terrors was started in 2001 by Steve Workman as a “home haunt.” It was a combination of his twisted imagination, community support and 100’s of dedicated volunteers working for over a decade to grow this event from a backyard in Kittery to its seventh season delivering a half mile of twists, turns and screams at Take Flight.


What sets Night Terrors apart from profit-driven, professional haunts? We maintain a community-centered focus and rely almost exclusively on volunteer labor. The construction and operation of a haunted attraction is very costly. In fact, there is little difference between a large professional amusement park haunt and our professional community haunt, if you allow for scale, as we must address all the same issues, codes and incidental operating cost. It would be impossible for Night Terrors to cover its expenses and maintain an affordable ticket price without the support of 100’s of volunteers, a small dedicated staff and its business sponsors. Each year countless volunteer hours go in to the construction, operation (40 people per night!) and cleanup. Without this volunteer support Night Terrors would not be able to operate.

Community Event

Night Terrors success is directly related to our relationships within our local communities. We know that we cannot do this without the volunteer support and so we provide community service and internship opportunities in partnership with local schools and colleges. We also keep the charitable history of community haunted attractions alive by donating a percentage of ticket sales to organizations such as non-profits, schools and churches who commit a group of individuals to act in the haunt for one or more nights - the more they work, the more they earn! The unique nature of this event fosters teamwork and creativity in a fun setting. It is a truly enjoyable way of fundraising for dozens of local organizations. This is why groups from the Seacoast area continue to come back year after year.



Night Terrors can't operate without the dedication and support of our volunteer groups. Every group is given a portion of the proceeds for the event.



Night Terror's Sponsors are key to our success! We want to promote local businesses and their support allows us to provide a high quality event at an affordable cost.

Thank You to our 2018 Sponsors!

Choose to Be Healthy at York Hospital

Yummies Candy Store

Promo League

York Woods Tree & Products

Take Flight Adventures

WingSpeed Adventures

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