How long does it take?

Night Terrors Haunted Walk is designed to take approximately 25 minutes to complete. This can vary dramatically depending on how busy the night is. On busy nights it can take up to an hour and a half with lines. Admissions Crew do their best to give accurate estimate of wait time when you check in.

How far is the walk?

The Haunted Walk path changes slightly each year to accommodate new sets and attractions. Plan for roughly 1/2 mile of walking on sometimes uneven grounds. Please wear warm shoes on cold nights!

Is it OK for kids?

Night Terrors is designed to be VERY scary. If children enjoy being scared and Halloween, we are happy to have them give it a try. If it ends up being too scary before you reach the Gatekeeper, please see Admissions Crew for a refund. Once you pass the Gatekeeper refunds will not be issued.

What should I wear?

Dress to be outside for an hour. Temperatures can dip into the mid to low 30s at night in October. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required. No flip-flops or sandals please.

How accessible is the walk?

Paths are outdoors and through the woods. There are areas with rocks, stumps, and small depressions. Tight corners and narrow passages are also common. Wheelchairs typically are not able to maneuver through the sets. Please call 207-439-8838 with specific questions/requests.

Are there strobe lights?

Sets typically do not feature a constant strobe light but strobe lights are incorporated into the walk. If you are concerned or have a specific question, please call 207-439-8838.

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What happens if I get too scared/need to leave?

If the spookiness and surprises are too much, please let an actor know that you need to leave, and they will be happy to guide you from the set.

Can actors touch me?

No. This is a touch-free scare. Actors are specifically instructed not to make contact with patrons unless it is a matter of safety. Actors will jump out, follow, and try to surprise you.

Where is it?

Night Terrors Haunted Woods Walk is located at Take Flight Aerial Adventure Park on Route One in Kittery, ME. Take Flight is 1.5 miles north of the Kittery Outlet shopping area.

Who are the actors?

Actors are volunteers from local schools, groups, teams, and organizations. Night Terrors is a community fundraising event where each group that volunteers to act is given proceeds back to their group. In 2017, over $2,000 was donated back to local groups for their participation.

Can I stay with my friends?

People are sent through Night Terrors haunted walk in groups of six to eight. This allows actors enough time to reset and provide the best scare for everyone. Large groups will be split into smaller groups to go through the walk. Please let the Gatekeeper know the size of your party.

Are reservations required?

Tickets for the Night Terrors Woods Walk may be purchased in advance online, over the phone or in person. By purchasing your tickets in advance, your group may enter the express check-in line to pick up tickets, but may still need to wait in line to enter the Woods Walk. Larger groups (10+ individuals) are recommended to purchase tickets in advance. Tickets are available via Take Flight's website or over the phone at 207-439-8838